The weeknight enrichment sessions are a relaxed setting where optimum discussion can take place on various topics.

Imagine a safe environment where both like-minded and different people can have life-changing conversation - a place where your kids can grow in relationships, faith and the character of Christ. You won't want to miss this chance for discipleship, growth and community. Everyone welcome!  Our Weeknight Enrichment is that place!

If you are interested please email the church office ( with your desired weeknight enrichment session and we will get you connected!

Fall Start : September 20, 2023

Dinner begins at 5:30pm and ends 6:30pm
Sessions begin 6:45pm and end 8:00pm

Encounter evenings there will be no dinner provided.
Encounter begins at 6:30pm and ends at 8:00pm


/inˈkoun(t)ər,enˈkoun(t)ər/  noun - a midweek worship experience that will inspire your soul with prayer, music, life story, communion and relationships. Make it through your week stronger and better as we connect with one another and the God of the universe.

Current Sessions

Jesus Essentials

If you have a desire to become more like Jesus then Jesus Essentials is for you. We will be looking at the characteristics of Christ, through study, reading and dialogue. Developing a vision for Christ Like character is so essential in the world that we live in today. Humility, Holiness and Kneeling just to name a few. This will reignite your passion for Jesus


Alpha is a series of interactive sessions exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Each session looks at a different question and is designed to create conversation.

Mental Health and Healing in the Church

This study is based on the experience of Pastor Allan Gallant and his wife Bonnie. They felt the emotional pain of having their faith challenged by Allans's stroke and subsequent mental illness with the tormenting thoughts that raged in his mind. The goal of this group is to have this be a place of healing, hope, and recovery, rather then condemnation, shame, and denial regarding mental illness.

Resolving Everyday Conflict

This is a study in what the Bible has to say about conflict and relationships. Throughout this study you will look at defining the conflict, determining legitmate interests, dealting with harmful responses, moving toward forgivness and then finding beneficial solutions to confounding situation. With God's help, resolving Everyday Conflict will dramatically change the way you respond to conflict- no matter what the other person does.