Pastor's Corner

Calvary Church Family,

Over this past year we have been able to see first-hand the MIRACLE of transformed lives. God through His Holy Spirit is moving not only within our Church, but also in this city that we call home. It’s been a blessing to serve with so many people over this year and to experience the “servant heart” of the Calvary family. The healthy heart of the Calvary Church family is so evident and for this I am so proud and thankful.  
This past year, we have been teaching and preaching from the book of 1 Peter and have been reminded once again that this world is not our home. We are guests just passing through, and because of that, we as followers of Christ need to act and speak honorably to people so that we can display Jesus correctly. What a huge reminder.  
We've also been encouraged through our series called; “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry”, that our spiritual and emotional lives matter when it comes to understanding sabbath, rest, solitude, silence, and we tried to incorporate those principles within our Sunday gatherings and it was appreciated.  
This past year, we as a Leadership have seen the benefit of a church showing love and generosity as a part of our DNA. We have seen multiple needs being met, whether it be financially, spiritually, relationally, or even emotionally, people have stepped up to be the hands and feet of Christ.  
This past year we have been impressed by God’s Spirit, to once again, place a high value on the people that walk onto this church campus day in and day out, week after week from all walks of life. God has allowed us to see the growth of his church with brothers and sisters from different ethnic backgrounds, cultures and walks of life.  

As we leave 2022 behind and embark into the unknown of 2023, we are confident that God by the power of His Spirit is leading and guiding and wants each one of us to partner with Him to change the world that we live in. We need to be stewards of God’s amazing grace to the people around us.  

However, amid what 2022 was—and what 2023 has started out to be and what it will become—we thought it would be helpful and hopeful to create a digital annual report to remember the tangible ways that God displayed his mercy and Grace here at Calvary Church. Amid all that was still hard in 2022, we need to be reminded of the goodness, faithfulness, and greatness of YAWEH.  

We need to be reminded of how many persevered through trials, or how many said “no” to a multitude of destructive temptations, or how many hearts were transformed by the love of God, or how many re-structured their calendar and finances to place God first, or how many saw the generous heart of our church family, or how many seeds of the gospel were sown that will bear fruit in our Niagara community for generations to come in ways we never thought possible.  

I want to thank all our staff teams, board teams, ministry teams and volunteer staff teams for the tireless days and hours you have put in making sure our ministries were running with excellence and that our community was connected with the message of Christ, which continues to be heard around the world. The Calvary Church family is one that is generous beyond words.  THANK YOU!

I also want to make sure that we are reminded of the things that we often forget. May this be an encouragement to us all as we make our way out of one of the most uncertain times of the 21 Century and journey into 2023, unsure of what lies ahead. But confident that God will hold us up with His righteous right arm.


Years Celebrated




Baby Dedications


Sundays in Person


Online Views


Merge Groups


New Members


Sermon Series


Participants in Enrichment Classes


Enrichment Classes Offered


Enrichment Facilitators


Benevolent Monies Given

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Meal Train Hospitality 


Online Studio Renovation


App Downloads


Prayer Chain Emails


Refugee Sponsorship Years


Meal Trains

& countless parking lot coffees, counselling Zoom calls and disciple making/mentoring moments.

Evidence of God’s grace and faithfulness


We celebrated being 88 years strong and continued to develop our ONLINE studio to reach our community and world for Jesus and we are sending a mission team to Turkey.


We witnessed 5 people coming to know Jesus through the Calvary Church ministries and other people’s lives transformed because of Jesus.


We began the year with our Rediscover Church Unity Series and then dove right back into our Romans Series. We then took a 120 day Journey (The Habitudes Series) that reminded us that spiritual disciplines matter for our growth and then kicked off the fall with our 1 Peter series called; “Who are we really?”.


We saw our board teams add to their numbers and experienced a camaraderie that helped get our building back into shape and cast vision for a land development project.


We welcomed 37 new members into our church family and have many new people working through the process of membership.

Disciple Making

We saw our Four Chair Disciple making strategy upgraded and began to see our Enrichment classes on Wednesday nights help grow and mature believers. We saw 79 people attend these classes in person.

Post-COVID Response

We Live streamed every service gathering during 2022. All our Sunday Gatherings were in person. Having both online and in person  gatherings has been a benefit for our church family.


We have seen a few men and women and couples intentionally mentored as relational disciple making has continued.

Refugee Sponsorship

Nawras has arrived and has been in Canada for 8 months now.  This was a 7-year journey from when we first started the conversation about sponsoring Nawras.  We have successfully raised $22,000 above and beyond the $15,000 that was projected. Nawras is fitting in well and now has more brothers and sisters then he knows what to do with.  


This past year has been one, where we as a church have been able to rely on God and his faithfulness to hold budget and even exceed our generosity In 2022. In 2023 our general budget has fallen behind and has left us in a deficit of 24K for the first time in three years. A couple reasons are; 1) Rental income is down and 2) Utility costs have gone up. Staff have been diligent to hold off on expenditures where we can without hurting our disciple making and equipping strategy. Please continue or consider being faithful and generous with your finances as we continue to maintain a solid, purposeful budget for 2023-2024.

Merge Groups

We as a staff have seen a resurgence of interest in Merge Groups. Who would have thought that COVID would help us kick start the importance of living life together. Our Merge Group Director is hard at work with information that will be available soon. We have 13 Merge groups that meet on a regular basis.

Looking Forward

As we move with wisdom into the new ministry year, our vision and mission remain the same. LOVE GOD, LOVE OTHERS and MAKE DISCIPLES. We want to see as many people as possible encounter and experience the life transformation that only Jesus by his grace can give. There are just a handful of God size goals that we will be praying through and developing over this next year.  

Continue to navigate this NEW normal with wisdom and discernment as we seek to re-launch and develop key ministries  
Continue to develop our on online platforms and add to our NEW podcast; CHURCHBOX
Continuing to mentor Nawras and praying he would find employment soon.    
Continue to cultivate a culture of missional outreach to our community and the world
Continue to Grow our culture of disciple making, where every member is equipped, growing and helping others grow. (Four Chair Strategy)
Continue and to further develop our global mission pipeline through our Good News Team to reach the unreached. Sending out a mission scouting team to Turkey to see where we can best serve.  
Continue to Love our Niagara community through tangible, sacrificial, and justice-filled service.
Continue to develop leaders, including elders, OPS, missions, people care, staff, ministry leads and volunteer staffing  
Continue to develop our Merge Group Ministry to see the importance of living life together.  
Calvary Church family, please continue to pray, that in 2022-2023 our lives would not only display Jesus correctly, but we would have a pure devotion to Jesus and one another and that more people would experience the life transformation power of Jesus through His Holy Spirit.

It is our prayer that all who consider Calvary Church their home church, would be equipped to become a devoted follower of Christ, and that they would display Jesus correctly, by Loving God, loving other people and making disciples. We also pray that people would engage and connect with one another, the ministry staff and Pastors so that authentic and transparent relationships can develop.

Calvary Church Annual Report

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