COVID-19 and Calvary

As a church we want to remain proactive in our decisions going forward as we do our part in limiting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Not in fear, but with wisdom and discernment.

We have decided, after lengthy conversation with the elders, the ops board and the staff, that we will be canceling all programs at Calvary Church until April 5th. We do not make this decision out of fear, but out of love and for the protection of our church family and our community, especially to those who are most vulnerable. We greatly value the gathering of God’s people together, but recognize for now, it is wiser for us to limit these gatherings and we have also asked all outside groups to do the same.

We encourage you to continue to worship through giving, and may do so online through our website, or by bringing your tithes and offerings to the church office in person throughout the week. The office will remain open during regular office hours for those in need.

We again want to encourage you in this time to not panic or to fear, but to continue to put your trust in the Lord. He knows our struggles, He understands our pain, but He is faithful, and He is good.

Continue to please take care, and continue to pray for each other, continue to reach out to each other and encourage each other during this time.

Avoid non-essential trips in the community 

Limit, postpone or cancel gatherings

Work from home, where possible

Conduct meetings virtually

Avoid visits to long-term care homes and other care settings

Stay six feet away from others when going for walks, or shopping

Social and Physical Distancing Tips

March 29, 2020

Mission Sunday

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