What is Child Dedication?

It is a non-compulsory privilege given to Christian parents regularly attending our church to publicly confess the following:

1.  That they recognize their child as a special gift from God.

2.   That they promise, by God’s grace, to live a life and to teach the Christian faith in such a way that will encourage their child to want to accept Christ as Savior and Lord, surrendering their whole life to Him in Love.

3.   That they, as parents, will desire GOD’s WILL BE DONE , as they plan and prepare their child’s future.



Parents, you will need to listen to or read a series of three Parenting Talks and complete the homework.

Once you have completed step one, contact Pastor Craig and you will be invited to the Parent Orientation.


Scroll down to listen to the Parenting Talks

Part 1 (Imagine The End)

Part 2 (Make It Personal)

Part 3 (It's A Partnership)


At the Parent Orientation you will get a chance to meet your ministry leaders and gain a better understanding of your preschool environment. You will also be told about the “next steps” and details concerning the upcoming Child Dedication Celebration Event.

Once you have completed step one and step two, you will then be ready to participate in a Child Dedication Sunday Service!


Parents, before the day comes and you attend the Child Dedication Sunday Service, please invite your family and friends. So that you cancelebrate together in making a commitment to lead your child, into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Child Dedication Service is a time for the Calvary Family and its parents to come closer together. This is where the Church will reaffirm its commitment to aid and encourage parents, in the keeping of their promises to each other and to their children.

Child Dedication is a public all church event to remind all of us of our corporate responsibility to each other. There is, however, times when a small family service may be implemented.

Parenting Talk 1 -
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Homework Assignment #1: On a card, write a description of the kind of person you hope your child will become over the next 18 years. Every year on their birthday, pull out the card. This exercise will give you a chance to evaluate how you’re doing as you lead your child spiritually and to remember the importance of your child’s relationship with their heavenly Father.

Parenting Talk 2 -
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Homework Assignment #2: On a card, write down two things that you are going to DO to invest in yourself and the supportive and significant relationships in your life. Maybe you are going to get a babysitter once or twice a month. Maybe your baby goes to bed early so that you have couple or personal time at the end of every day. Maybe you’re going to go for a walk every night after dinner and enjoy God’s creation. These kinds of practical decisions can make a huge impact on your relationships over the long haul. You must also invest in your relationship with your heavenly Father. Perhaps you are going to join a small group. Maybe you are going to commit to quiet time three times a week. Make your decision on two things you are going to do to continue growing in your relationship with your heavenly Father and write them down.

Parenting Talk 3 -
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Homework Assignment #3: Call or email Pastor Craig and RSVP to attend the next Parent Orientation. (Please contact church office)