Whether you're in College, University, or studying LIFE101, this is a community for young people to get connect to their Creator, and to each other. We are encouraged and challenged through God's word to not be held back by our youth, but to live as an example in our conversations, our actions, or faith, our purity, and how we love the world around us. 

Bible STudy

Coming up in the new year, we will be doing a study through the first half of the Gospel of John. 

The Gospel of John is unique among the gospels, and it is beautifully crafted - simple enough for anyone to understand, yet deep enough that you can study it your whole life and still just scratch the surface.

January 21 - John 1:1-34

January 28 - John 1:35-51

February 11 - John 2:1-25

February 18 - John 3:1-36

March 3 - John 4:1 - 5:18

March 10 - John 5:19 - 6:21

Every few weeks, we will break
from the Bible Study for
some fun events.
Be sure to check these out!


January 14


8pm @ in theHUB

February 4


$15 each for 2 games

February 25


8pm @ in theHUB


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